Technology Platform

DIFOTs Technology Platform

Technology based Algorithm

Geo fencing & Barcoding– to provide a feed to algorithm based vehicle assignment process

Pricing – dynamic pricing for end-user based on demand-supply

Spot buying – for end users without getting into additional contract

Inventory Optimization – to ensure right inventory for end-users


Visibility – to track shipment location  and fleet movement on real time basis and reduce unplanned and unwanted inefficiencies

Performance analytics – Dashboard to analysis performance and derive operational efficiency

Predictability – of load pattern, volume, OTA and OTD time for planning process

Telematics solution

Upkeep of vehicle – real time tracking of key components of vehicle to minimize downtime while in transit and improve vehicle life

Driver training – use data analytics to assess driver behavioral aspects such as harsh braking etc. and use it to train drivers

Fuel management – censors to track any reverse flow of fuel

Benefits to end-users
  • Throughput management at DC / Trasshipment
  • Visibility of inventory and vehicle availability on Real time basis
  • Choice of asset class and level of engagement
Benefits to fleet operators
  • Better control over operations help improve utilization
  • Need not engage with multiple customers
  • Better working capital management