Trans-shipment / Fulfillment


  • Transshipment center for organized retail 
  • Transshipment for Express Logistics
  • Sorting center for B2B and e-com companies
  • Fulfillment center for e-com companies
  • Last mile delivery center for e-com companies
  • Cross dock operations

With state of the art distribution facilities strategically located in revesby, we work with our customers to develop efficient cross docking solutions to streamline supply chain operations.

Whether you need to transfer goods quickly between different transport modes, efficiently separate and sort materials intended for different destinations, or combine goods from different origins into a single shipment for distribution – we offer cross docking services to help streamline your supply chain.

Through cross docking distribution, products destined for a similar (or the same) end point can be consolidated into one shipment and transported as a full load, reducing overall distribution costs and reducing environmental impact. We offer customized cross docking solutions to suit our customers’ needs; transporting goods into our cross-dock warehouses to check, unload and pick and pack shipments into new loads intended for single or multiple destinations.

We provide three main types of cross docking services:



A centralized facility is provided for products to be received and sorted – similar products are combined so that shipments can be delivered to the required destinations quickly and efficiently.



Multiple smaller consignments are received and combined into one larger shipment for economical forwarding.



Large shipments are received and broken down into smaller loads for easier onward delivery.