Linear Ftl

DIFOT Linear provides top-of-the-line direct delivery for major shipments of all shapes and sizes. Here’s how we meet your direct shipment demands.

If you’re looking for direct freight deliveries via Road transport, look no further than DIFOT  Linear. Our fast and flexible solution provides haulage for major shipments without reloading or terminal handling.

In the logistics industry, smaller shipments are often consolidated for economic purposes, while larger loads are transported directly from consignor to consignee.

At DIFOT , we don’t think the size of your shipment should matter. Whether you’re dealing with courier services, special transports, or complete loads, DIFOT Linear means direct delivery for all your cargo.


  • Door-to-door shipping:
    • Reliable forwarding of shipments across India
  • Tightly connected Road transport terminals:
    • Daily line-haul departures keep land transport terminals seamlessly connected.
  • Online tracking and reporting tools:
    • Transparent performance metrics, such as lead-time comparisons and electronic proof of delivery.